I was born in 1991 on a houseboat in Amsterdam. When I was thirteen, my family and I moved to South Limburg, in a small village nestled between hills and forests. After high school, I pursued the Artistic Education program in Belgium. Following that, I attended the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 2016 as an illustrative designer. A year later, I started my own business: Studio Yasja, where I have been working full-time ever since.

Diversity and enthusiasm are the two keywords that describe both my personality and my work. I express myself in various creative forms: paintings, murals, (digital) illustrations, and even three-dimensional pieces. The common thread in my work is often its atmospheric nature; it can be mysterious, dark, lively, and even all of these at once.

As a full-time artist, I spend most of my time developing and realizing concepts, designs, and projects. In my free time, I prefer to be outdoors. Mountain biking, climbing, skating, and hiking in nature are activities that energize and inspire me.

Since 2023, I have been collaborating with my mother, Reggy Bruine de Bruin. Together, we work on murals and other projects, sometimes in collaboration with students, clients, or residents of a particular neighborhood.

Additionally, since 2023, I have been a part of an art collective, consisting of our creative family members: RoedelWerk. Together, we exclusively create free-form artwork. More information can be found on the website https://www.roedelwerk.com.

Picture credits: Ben Nienhuis

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