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Marker drawings

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Yasja Ligtelijn

On 7 September 1991 I was born in a houseboat built by my parents on the outskirts of Amsterdam. There I grew up in a warm family, together with my brothers and sister and many pets around us.
When I was thirteen years old, we all decided to move to the southernmost tip of Limburg (the Netherlands), in a small village between the hills and forests.
As a child I drew a lot, I did almost nothing else. I was busy drawing stories, landscapes and designing monsters and I always lived in my own world.

Because it soon became clear that I wanted to do something with drawing, after high school in South Limburg, I went to an art school in Hasselt (Belgium), where I followed the Artistic Training. I did not finish this, however, because I was hired at the art academy in Maastricht at an early stage. In 2016 I finally graduated there as an illustrative designer.

What is most striking about my work is that it can be so diverse. I work in different styles and media, such as realistic portraits, abstract paintings, illustrations, murals, logos, tattoo designs, animations, digital work, comic strips, storyboards, etchings, landscapes ...

It is precisely this variety that is a new challenge for me every time, which I really like. In this way I am constantly stimulated to challenge myself and create new things, by changing fascinations and interests.

In addition to creating, I enjoy being outdoors in nature in my free time. I love climbing, hiking, mountainbiking and other outdoor sports. This allows me to optimally clear my head for new ideas and get new inspirations. As a free job, I try to combine my two biggest passions into one thing: making art and being outdoors.

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