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Color and black-white

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Marker drawings

Portraits, pets and people

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Yasja Ligtelijn

Born and raised on a houseboat on the edge of Amsterdam, 1991.
When I was 13, I moved with my family to the south of the Netherlands; to the countryside and nature.

I always lived in an imaginary world instead of reality and I always drew and invented stories. At a young age I decided to make it my profession. So I went to Artistic Education in Belgium and I slept during the week in a strict boarding school, based in an old monastery. After that period I went to the Art Academy in Maastricht (NL) and I graduated in 2016 as an illustrative designer.
I already did many assignments like portraits and tattoo-designs. My style was very different. At some point I had an assignment to paint a mural and since that moment it rolled further.
I got in touch with James Jetlag (alias Fish), Nash and Arian Winterink in Heerlen (NL). Thanks to them I've been using spray cans as medium since 2018. Before that I only did my murals with a 5 cm wide brush.

Now I'm busy with making portraits of people which I found very courageous and inspiring. I experiment with realism in combination with smashed and rolled paint. Also I'm working on paintings where I put myself / my emotions or happenings what I've experienced in.
My paintings are dark and lively at the same time.

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