Yasja was born and raised on a houseboat on the edge of Amsterdam, 1991. When she was thirteen years old, she moved with her family to the south of the Netherlands; to the countryside in nature. After secondary school, Yasja took Artistic Education in Belgium and slept during the week in a strict boarding school based in an old monastery. After that period, she went to the Art Academy in Maastricht and graduated in 2016 as an illustrative designer.

Besides her paintings she started making murals in 2017. A year later she came in contact with using spraycans as a medium. Yasja’s paintings are dark and colourful at the same time. Mostly her artwork contains a critical message. She is standing for equality, human rights and our environmint. And she wants to break stigmas such as mental and physical health, certain human needs or other situations that people don’t like to talk about.

In various places in Europe she has painted murals and had exhibitions.
In her free time she’s mostly outside in the woods: mountainbiking, climbing or hiking.

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